Sometimes there is no way to reboot server just to change password for IMM, but You have no actual password for it.

Here’s how I am setting the IP info from Windows:

asu64 set IMM.DHCP1 Disabled --kcs
asu64 set IMM.HostIPAddress1 --kcs
asu64 set IMM.HostIPSubnet1 --kcs
asu64 set IMM.GatewayIPAddress1 --kcs
asu64 set IMM.DNS_Enable=Enabled --kcs
asu64 set IMM.DNS_IP_Address1= --kcs
asu64 set IMM.DNS_IP_Address2= --kcs
asu64 set IMM.DNS_IP_Address3= --kcs
asu64 rebootimm --kcs

So, let’s try

asu showvalues password

Our decision will be
asu64.exe set IMM.Password.1 SomePassword --kcs